National Custom Compounding is a specialist compounding chemist that makes personalised medicines to order and ships nationwide.

Compounding allows a pharmacist to tailor a specific medication or product directly to the patient's needs - whether that's dosage, swapping tablets for a liquid, or avoiding allergens common in standard medications. We work directly with our patients and their doctors to ensure they get the most out of their medication.

Based in the beautiful Gold Coast, National Custom Compounding can ship Australia-wide, meaning you could receive your product within 24 hours of ordering.

Click the links below to order your compounded prescription directly from our website, or learn more about how we can help you stay healthier.

Gooding Drive Amcal Chemist

Located in the centre of the Gold Coast, easily accessible from Surfers Paradise or the M1 motorway, Gooding Drive Compounding Amcal Chemist is a professional pharmacy that offers a wide range of specially formulated and compounded medications.